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Legal Protection

Legal Protection is administered by ARAG plc on behalf of Brit Syndicate 2987 at Lloyd’s.

Please do not ask for help from a solicitor or accountant before you obtain agreement from ARAG.  If you do, they will not pay the costs involved even if they do accept the claim.

To make a claim regarding legal protection please call 0117 917 1698.  

Your details will be taken and a claim form will be sent to you for completion.  Alternatively, you can find further details at

On receipt of the completed claim form ARAG will assess your circumstances to check that your claim is covered.  Once a claim has been accepted by ARAG, they will arrange for a lawyer to quickly contact you.

If it appears that your dispute can be resolved through mediation and the other side agrees to this, ARAG will make the necessary arrangements.  Where mediation is not suitable, the lawyer will try to resolve your dispute without delay although matters cannot always be resolved quickly if the other side is slow to co-operate or a legal timetable is decided by the courts.