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Travel Claims

24-hour medical and emergency service contact information

Specialty Assist Limited (SAL) have been appointed by Oak to offer help and advice as well as to give authorisation for treatment, surgery, emergency repatriation and revised travel arrangements. Please telephone SAL on the relevant number below. Please ensure that details of this insurance and all other relevant information are available, you may, if you wish, reverse the charges:


+44 (0)207 902 7128
Please remember that it is a condition of the cover that SAL must agree to and authorise in advance for any:
  • Insured person’s admission to hospital as an in-patient except in an emergency, in which case notification must be made at the earliest opportunity.
  • Repatriation, e.g. an air ambulance or other journey requiring medical attendance.
  • Travel arrangement alterations an insured person wishes to make.

Submitting a claim

A claim form is available to download at the top of this page, when completed this should be submitted to the address below together with all relevant documentation and accounts. This must be done within 31 days of the end of the trip.

Please note that where out-patient medical treatment has been received, the insured persons must ensure that a detailed medical certificate showing the nature of the injury or illness is obtained. The dated certificate must be submitted with a completed claim form and accounts, which should, wherever possible, have been settled.

Contact details:

Oak Underwriting
Cromwell Park
Chipping Norton

T: 0333 456 7004
F: 0333 456 7005