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Oak's High Value Home Insurance provides a tailor-made policy that covers virtually every eventuality for your home, its contents, your personal possessions and valuable collections.

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum sums insured

Buildings £500,000 
Contents, Fine Art and Antiques £150,000 (excluding jewellery, watches and guns)
Maximum sums insured No upper limit


Valuables Includes fine art, antiques,  jewellery, watches and guns
Liability  Property owners, public and personal, cover to domestic employees
Legal protection £100,000 per claim, including identity theft
Home emergency service £1,000 per claim, including vermin and removal of wasp nests

Benefits of insuring with Oak

  • Interest-free instalment scheme, either annually or monthly
  • Advice and assistance helplines
  • Premium discounts where no claims or losses have been made
  • Discount for insuring buildings and contents together
  • Cover can be extended to include your holiday, weekend or second homes, both in the UK and in certain European countries
Product Literature

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