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Client services

As a High Net Worth client, we understand that your independent lifestyle requires a unique approach from your insurer. As a result our products are designed to provide tailored, specialist cover and our underwriting reflects the individuality of each risk.

In addition to the high levels of cover available as an Oak client, we are also able to offer complementary services that are focused on your home and lifestyle.

For all new clients to Oak we offer an appraisal of your property where the building rebuild cost is £1 million or above (area dependent).

The appraisal will consist of:

  • A building valuation to provide an accurate cost to rebuild your home
  • Advice and information to assist you in ensuring your sums insured are adequate for contents and valuables (but please also refer to our valuation service)
  • A risk management review, providing advice for fire and security protections and other general items

As well as carrying out an appraisal of your home why not also ensure your contents, fine art, antiques, jewellery and watches are also valued correctly?
It is important to have an up-to-date valuation of your contents and valuables to ensure that you are not underinsured and, in the event of a loss, you receive the full benefit of your policy.

Reasons why you may be underinsured:

  • Supply and demand – items move in and out of fashion: as demand increases so can prices
  • Accrual – we build up our possessions and collections over time
  • Advancement – technology improves rapidly and we all like to replace items with something better
  • Out of sight, out of mind – what’s in your kitchen cupboards and your wardrobes?

This service is available from our approved valuers who, for a charge, will provide a detailed inventory of your possessions so you have an accurate description and valuation in case of a claim. As an Oak policyholder, you may spread the cost of the valuation fee by choosing to pay for your insurance premium and valuation by Oak’s interest-free monthly payment option.

Why get your contents valued?

  • To ensure you enjoy the full benefits of your policy
  • So you can identify what has been lost, its condition and any potential recovery
  • Your insurer will have the correct information to offer a settlement without incurring delays

We have carefully selected four valuation companies, providing nationwide coverage, that offer the best service in the market and will provide you with a comprehensive valuation for all your possessions.

Andrew Boyer & Co

Andrew Bowyer & Co
01295 816555

Independent fine art valuers and consultants since 1982, Andrew Bowyer & Co. combine high levels of expertise with an extensive knowledge of the fine art market. Their valuations are tailored to the requirements of each client and great emphasis is placed on their independence, which allows them to adopt a more objective approach than that of firms intent on securing items for sale.

Gurr Johns

Gurr Johns
0207 8394747

Established in 1914, Gurr Johns is the largest international fine art advisory and valuation business with unrivalled experience in carrying out valuations. All valuations can be annually updated using their unique fine art and valuables index, thus ensuring your fine art and jewellery is regularly revalued.

John C. Benjamin Limited

John C. Benjamin Limited
01296 615522

Recognisable from ‘The Antiques Roadshow’, John Benjamin started his career in 1972 at Cameo Corner, the celebrated Bloomsbury jewellers and established his own independent jewellery consultancy, John C. Benjamin Limited, in 1999. He has over 35 years experience valuing antique and contemporary jewels.

Pall Mall Art Advisers

Pall Mall Art Advisers
0203 1595425

EWith offices in London, Midlands, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Pall Mall offer a nationwide Valuation and Appraisal service. Their team of specialist valuers cover Fine Art, Antiques, Jewellery and modern home contents. Many years of valuation experience has shown that more than 75% of their clients visited are underinsured, demonstrating the importance of regular valuations. Free pre-appraisal visits offered. Call Pall Mall for more details.

Following the appraisal and/or a valuation a policy will be issued reflecting the sums insured as stated in either the appraisal report and/or valuation. The whole concept of this service is to give you peace of mind. For more information please contact your broker.


Going away, even for just a few days, has its disadvantages. If you leave your home unoccupied, it is increasingly at risk of burglary or weather damage and, if you are a pet owner, you probably prefer to leave them in familiar surroundings.

With Homesitters Ltd you:

  • Protect your home against burglars, squatters and vandals
  • Allow your pets to remain in their familiar surroundings, and routines
  • Keep your home aired and lived-in, and your garden maintained and in good order
  • Guard against frost and weather damage

Established in 1980, Homesitters Ltd provides a live-in caretaking service, available throughout the year in England, Wales and Scotland. Their employees will stay in your home to safeguard the security of the property and, in addition, will:

  • Keep your house clean and tidy
  • Water houseplants
  • Take telephone messages
  • Deal with any callers to the house
  • Provide light garden maintenance
  • Care for all pets and livestock according to your instructions

The recruitment process followed by Homesitters Ltd is lengthy and uncompromising. They take up reliable references and their meticulous vetting includes detailed enquiries regarding county court and high court judgements, criminal convictions and bankruptcy. All potential home sitters attend a lengthy and rigorous personal interview.

Their employees are conscientious and responsible, aged over 40, with plenty of experience looking after their own homes. They are carefully matched to your likes, needs and situation. In fact, Homesitters Ltd encourage you to meet their employee before any assignment.

On assignment, the employees are under direction, and must observe a set of fundamental rules and detailed procedures. This includes not leaving a client’s home unoccupied for periods exceeding three consecutive hours during daylight or one hour after dark. 24-hour cover can be specified, meaning the property is not left unattended at any time.

To recognise the value of this service, Oak will provide a discount on your premium at the next renewal of your policy following the use of this service during the previous policy period.

Contact Information

Telephone: 01296 630730

Homesitters Ltd, Buckland Wharf, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 5LQ