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Below is an outline of the cover that Oak offer for contents, the minimum sum insured is £150,000 (excluding jewellery, watches and guns).

Contents Cover

For full details of the cover and terms and conditions please download a copy of the Policy Wording and Key Fact documents.
Worldwide, all risks cover including accidental loss and/or damage
Tracing a leak of water, oil or gas within the home (if you are the leaseholder)
5 years
For alternative accommodation and loss of rent following an insured peril
Loss of metered water and leakage of oil
Damage in the home to the contents of guests and non-resident domestic staff
Replacement of locks if the keys are lost or stolen
For outdoor items
Student’s possessions with no single article limit
Relative’s possessions in nursing/residential home
Of sum insured for new acquisitions, provided you notify us within 60 days of purchase
For loss of personal documents and title deeds
For reinstatement of personal computer records
Of sum insured for items not normally kept at the home
Of sum insured for garden re-landscaping following insured damage (if you are the leaseholder)
1 year
For forced evacuation
For marquees
For special alterations to the home following physical injury
Reward for the conviction of any person committing a criminal act resulting in an insured claim
For emergency provisions following forced evacuation
For money (£10,000 if in a locked safe at the home)
For loss of personal digital music and video files
For damage by forced entry following a medical emergency
Includes loss or damage by squirrels in a sudden, identifiable and unexpected event
Product Literature

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Policy Wording - HHPOL 0417

Keyfacts - HHKEY 0417